Maine Made Podcast | September 2018

“People want to see their own experiences reflected, and I get that.”

Spose Podcast | March 2018

"We're not a chamber of commerce magazine. We're not the tourism bureau. Our job is not to sell Maine to people — if you read the magazine, it's because you already like it, so let's have a conversation that adults who like a thing can have."

The Frommer's Travel Show | July 2017

"You can't do it wrong, per se. If you're enjoying yourself, then you're doing it right."

Annotation Tuesday: Brian Kevin and "The Belfast Operation"
Nieman Storyboard | October 2016

"Playboy realized last year they couldn’t run a successful mag by filling its pages with beautiful naked women. We aren’t going to do it with lighthouses."

7Q Interviews | December 2015

"You create the story that is your relationship to a person — that act of knowing is really an act of creation."

Guest Curator: Brian Kevin
Texture | March 2015

"All immersive journalism is a quest, in a sense — a search for perspective."

Chasing the Origins of Gonzo in South America
Los Angeles Review of Books | October 2014

"In terms of research tools, free beer is up there with Google and library cards."

The Travelers Podcast |
October 2014

"Get drunk and go on Priceline."

Book Notes: Brian Kevin
Largehearted Boy | August 2014

"The playlist is as much a road trip mixtape as any kind of soundtrack, a half-hour of songs that evoke that feeling of transcendent unmooring, the one you get when you're all alone in some high-up place, looking out over the lights of a strange city."

Travel Writer Profile: Brian Kevin | July 2014

"I would actually sort of dissuade anyone from thinking of 'travel writing' as a field one can 'go into,' like medicine or hotel management."


Boston Herald Radio | June 2014

"There's something a little bit disingenuous about this idea that anyplace where people live differently than you is this challenge for you to test your mettle against."

Travel Interviews: Brian Kevin
World Hum | June 2014

"Oligarchy and clan conflict and all the rest are these wolves that are always at the door, a country’s GDP or its electoral institutions notwithstanding."

National Geographic Weekend | May 2014

"The interesting thing about Hunter Thompson's career overall is that it has maybe engendered as much bad writing in the world as it has engendered good writing, as folks try to imitate his style."